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On Stage America

On Stage America (1984)

Broadcast History:
Syndicated Only
120 minutes
Produced: 1984 (13 Episodes)
Released: April 1984

Susie Bono
Todd Christianson
Steve Edwards
Randi Oakes

John Barbour
Minnie Pearl

This unusual variety series not only gave its weekly guests the oppurtunity to perform, but offered viewers in-depth profiles of many of them. Some of the profiles were informative and serious while others looked like fluff pieces from Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous, a series that had premiered only a couple months earlier. Among the more notable notable personalities appearing were Dean Martin, Barbara Mandrell, Shelley Berman, Jackie Mason, Suzanne Somers, Neil Sedaka, Lisa Hartman, Sid Caesar, Tina Turner, Paul Anka, Diahann Carrol and David Brenner.

Taken From: The Complete Directory To Prime Time Network And Cable TV Shows 1946-Present