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Lisa Hartman Black News

Lisa News

Well, Lisa Finally Did it! Yes, Lisa is pregnant. This was reported a little more than a month ago in Entertainment Weekly. And i finally posting it up. Congratulations Lisa & Clint!

Rumour mill has it that Clint and Lisa are planning to do ANOTHER DUET!!! And they are discussing a possible movie together (they did Still Holding On about 3 years ago together). Nothing is's just a rumour for now...*

A magazine called "The Country Weekly" (July 25th issue) has a special section on Lisa and her hubby Clint Black. There are some photos of them at several past events such as their Fan Club Party and at the TNN Music Awards. *

Knots KNEWS: I finally found out the answer to my own question I left last time. There is a soap channel called SOAP.NET and it has Lisa and all the Knots Landing group on everyday. I went to visit my parents in Galena, Illinois, and they have direct T.V. I happened to stumble on the channel. They were showing the episode where Lisa (as Cathy Geary) was getting ready to marry Alec Baldwin (as Joshua Rush). And what's nice about SOAP.NET is they show 3-4 episodes of Knots in a row. They are currently test marketing this channel to see how well it does (according to my mom, you have to special order this channel on direct T.V.) So if anyone wants to see Lisa on the Knots Landing shows again - call your cable company/direct T.V. and get SOAP.NET!!! Now if we can write to TVland to get TABITHA back on the air - say doesn't that sound like a good idea? *

And Lastly, you now can purchase the Lisa and Clint "When I Said I Do" T-shirts (they are no longer on backorder) from the Official Clint Black website ( Lisa looks fabulous in the picture. I also ordered the sheet music for the song, which also has the same picture of Lisa and Clint. When I ordered it online - it came in the mail within 2 days!!! So get them while you can!!!*

Clint Black's Show on the road brings him to Illinois to play the Illinois state Fair in Springfield. He is sharing the stage with Pam Tillis. Although at the moment it is unclear whether or not Lisa will be joining him. The show is set for August 18th.

On Clint Black's official website - under the "MERCHANDISE" section - you can now purchase the "When I Said I Do" t-shirt (however it is currently out of stock - you need to leave your email address - and they will get back to you when it is back in stock). Everyone knows that the song is the hot duet with our Lisa and her hubby Clint. The T-shirt comes in lavender blue and has Lisa and Clint on the front (Lisa has the similar color shirt as the t-shirt). Also for sale is the SHEET MUSIC for "When I Said I Do" which features the same picture of Lisa and Clint as the T-shirt.*

Clint Black's currently on tour and Lisa has joined him - However, at his recent concert in Connecticut at the Mohegan Sun's new Pavillion - Lisa did not attend. Clint, however, did mention his trophy wife: "It was a love fest, with Black joking from the stage and the crowd shouting back - at one point, he said "It's all about Lisa, isn't it?"(You bet its about Lisa!!!!)*

For all the Knots Landing Knuts - supposedly...and I stress .... supposedly.... there is a new cable channel in connection with Disney/ABC called Soap Net. It debut back in January of this year and one of it's shows to be runned daily is Knots Landing (get your VCR's ready to tape Lisa singing!!!). To some of you - this may be old news - But here in Chicagoland (where I live) I have yet to see this cable network? Can anyone tell me if they have this channel yet and is Knots Landing on it? *

*Written By Scott Zunic and his nose for news :)
Thanx Scott

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