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The Take (1990)

Category: Action/Adventure
Director: Leon Ichaso
Cast: Ray Sharkey, Lisa Hartman, Larry Manetti, R. Lee Ermey, Joe Lala, Robert Escobar, Orestes Matacena, Nelson Oramas, Ruben Rabasa, Tony Bolano, Lonnie Shaw, Christopher Pianno, Bobby Foxworth, Alfredo Alvarez Calderon, Marc Macaulay, Christine Page, Mary Fanaro, Gordon Stevens, Alan R. Jordan and Jorge Pupo

Run Time: 91 (mins)
Rating: R
Distributor Name: Universal Studios Home Video
Summary: After four years in prison, an ex-cop sets out to redeem his name and rebuild his marriage. But by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, he becomes entangled in a sordid murder and drawn into the violent world of a drug king where he must fend for himself.